8 thoughts on “York Press review

  1. Paul Mahony

    Dear Paul, I was at your Cambridge show last night which was just brilliant. The sound, lights and production was excellent. Such musicianship from everyone in the band was top drawer. My girlfriend had never seen you before but is now a lifelong fan. Keep touring, Paul; you continue to give immense pleasure to thousands!

  2. Anne reyes

    Dear Paul: I told you I’d booked the London trip just to see you and your marvelous band at The Palladium. It’s been an honor to hear and see you perform exactly as we hear you on your albums! You made me and my husband very happy! My heart is full as I continue to enjoy your wonderful country! Best wishes Anne

  3. Sue Sampson-Green

    Still smiling after the wonderful Palladium gig…..what an evening! Had tears rolling down my cheeks during ‘The Living Years’ , It resonates with me as it holds such an important message. You never fail to touch my heart and the combination of you and your fantastic band made our evening unforgettable.Thank you so much. Our warmest regards, Sue & Ian

  4. pol mees

    It is so nice to read the reviews of the concert in The Palladium. As Paul is not coming
    to Belgium , I am going to see him in Amsterdam, Netherlands – it takes 2 hours to drive
    and costs me a night in an hotel …. but it’s worth the money .
    I saw Paul in 2017 in Borgerhout, Belgium and Breda, Netherlands and last year in Eindhoven , Netherlands. He is fantastic .. and a good band. He is my favourite artist. Others, Richard Hawley , Nick Lowe, Lucina Williams , Boz Scaggs .
    But none of them is coming to do gigs in Belgium. So , sooner or later I need a guide to see them in
    England ,
    keep on rocking, lookong forward to the second of June .

  5. Dominic

    Paul: I’m a tremendous fan of yours. I live in New York, USA. You never play the states, cross the pond and let us hear your great soulful tunes. I love These Days, the new CD by the way.

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