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We apologise for the delay in delivery of Paul’s new album, These Days, which is due to various scheduling and promotional issues.

The confirmed official release date is now 7th September which we are confident is set in stone.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and support and apologise for any inconvenience the delay may have caused.

43 thoughts on “Paul’s new album ‘These Days’

    1. paulcarrack

      If you mean the new album Stuart, it won’t be available until this Spring but yes, there will almost certainly be signed copies available via the website shop.

      1. Jacqueline Cogan

        Can’t wait to see you in Glasgow tomorrow. Can you please sing The Only One and No Doubt About It? Fav 2 songs.

    2. kathy bowers

      Brillant arrived this morning. Paul has done it again. Both cd ‘s excellant. The words, the instruments and the talent amazing. Paul’s voice pure delight. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  1. Davie Drummond

    Me and Sandra saw you in Glasgow last night. What a fantastic show you guys put on in a great venue.
    All the best for the rest of your tour! Eagerly awaiting your new album release. Cheers!!

  2. Gillian McKinven

    A fantastic show at the Glasgow Armadillo on sat night, I was blown away with each and every song, a sheer joy to be in the same room as a legend like yourself and your band. I can’t wait for your new album and all the very best on the tour. 🙂 x

  3. bruce player

    I come to see you every year and last night’s show in Edinburgh was great. The band were at their best and I think your voice was the best I have heard it for a long time. The songs from the new album sounded good. The one, “Living in a Bubble”? had shades of Clapton’s “Change My World” and no bad thing! Continued success on the tour. See you next year!

  4. Tina Joyce

    So looking forward to getting the new album, I am sure it will be amazing, as always. We are very fortunate to be seeing you again this year. Have managed to get tickets for Nottingham and Milton Keynes. If at all possible Paul, could you kindly sing ‘Eyes of Blue’ for my lovely husband Tony Joyce, at either of these venues? Thank you Paul. All the best, Tina x

  5. Carlos Esteban Frias

    El nuevo album que se compra en Amazon, esta firmado o solo se puede conseguir en el sitio web oficial? Gracias y saludos desde Chivilcoy, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

    1. paulcarrack

      No Tom, there are no plans to release the live CD/DVD in the States. If you have friends/family attending a show on the current tour, perhaps they can purchase one for you but keep in mind, the DVD is Region 2 (Europe).

  6. Janet

    Saw you last night at Birmingham symphony Hall, you were absolutely fantastic, your voice has never changed since day one, can’t wait for you to come back.

  7. lynne brisco

    Great evening at the Bridgewater Hall last night love the new tracks from These days…..You and the band were brilliant as usual

    1. paulcarrack

      No Tony, These Days (the forthcoming studio album) is at least a couple of months from being finished and released. There’s a live CD / DVD exclusively available on tour, The Long Detour.

  8. Nigel Brooks

    A misfortune becomes a fortune. We’re going to be in the UK in April, and I just today managed to score 4 tickets to the rescheduled Southend performance on April 15th. We’ve been huge fans forever and saw you first at Astroworld in Houston with Mike and the Mechanics in 1986 we took our son who was a year old at the time. The last time was a couple of years ago at the Toyota Center in Houston with Eric Clapton.

    So we’ve come full circle and will be at the Cliff Pavilion with our no longer one year old son, and his wife.

  9. Nigel Exton

    Saw the show in MK on Sunday night, great entertainment. The 3 tracks from the new album sounded excellent and so pre-ordered off the back of that.

  10. Marco de Gier

    Great news, that new Album. I want to pre order him on (signed) vinyl, how or when is that possible?

  11. william f grosch

    Mr. Carrack, my wife and I were planning on coming over from St. Louis, Missouri to see your concert in Preston on March 16th and visit friends from Samlesbury but we were broadsided by a guy who ran a red light on March 11 and ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. Will you be coming over to The States soon or should we start making plans to see you in the UK? We love your music and in fact my band does “How Long” and “No Doubt About It” in our shows. We did “How Long” when it was a hit originally back in the 70’s; our band is 44 years old this year. Take care.

  12. Loek Dirkx

    Hi Paul: We saw your appearance at Bospop, last Saturday in The Netherlands and enjoyed it very much. See you this coming October in Eindhoven, NL. Looking forward to your new album.

  13. Loek Dirkx

    Hi Paul,
    We visited your contribution to Bospop, last Saturday in The Netherlands. We enjoyed it very much. See you coming October in Eindhoven NL. Looking forward to your new album.

  14. Michelle

    Hi Paul: Just listened to Tell Somebody Who Cares, your new single on the Ken Bruce show and a live version of These Days on youtube, love what I’ve heard so far. Can’t wait for the album to be released in September and to see you in Brighton next year. xx

  15. Rich Dudas

    Hi – I was wondering if there’s any way to get a copy of the HMV exclusive 2CD set of “These Days” ? I was just on HMV’s website and they don’t ship to non-UK addresses — I live in the USA.

    1. paulcarrack

      Hi Rich: Do you have any friends/relatives in the UK who could post it to you? Maybe try asking Paul’s Facebook Community group… If you pay up front I’m sure someone will get you one and post it to you.

  16. Prall Daddy

    Amazing is such a golden tune. Filled me with hope and joy the first time I heard it. This continues to get better every time I hear it!

  17. Gian Nicola Corbatto

    Hello Paul, I’m waiting for your new record but the postman doesn’t arrive! I want to tell you that I came from Italy for your concert at the London Palladium in February. It was really amazing! Thanks for the good vibrations.
    Gian Nicola

  18. Simon Burstow

    Paul and the Band: Just seen you again this time in Cambridge. You never disappoint, your enthusiasm shows through the band, great entertainment every time & lost count the number of times we’ve seen you, I know you said you don’t do requests.
    We saw you a long time ago at Ronnie Scott’s – What a lovely venue, any plans to go back? If so, when?
    Thanks again for many hours of pleasure

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