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10 thoughts on “2019 UK Tour Dates Announced

  1. Marty Cochrane

    Hi Paul: Any chance you’ll be performing live in August? My wife and I are traveling from Calgary Alberta Canada to visit friends in Nottingham and cousins in Yorkshire and would love to hear you live!

  2. Kevin McGarrigle

    Hi Paul: It’s a pity you’re not including Ireland on the 2019 tour, loved your concert in Derry last year, amazing!

  3. Brenda Walden

    Hi Paul: Keep hoping you will be at Northampton or maybe Leamington Spa… Really enjoy seeing you live. Great voice !!!

  4. Sally Knight

    We would love you to come and play CHICHESTER! The Festival Theatre is a Fab venue…(We saw 10cc there last year). I’m sure you would be a sell out!!

  5. Linda Alexander

    Just attended the concert in Cambridge! Fantastic! What a great voice you have and two drummers- brilliant!
    Will be listening to your new album all the way home in the car. Thank you!

  6. Malcolm

    I saw Paul in Bournemouth last Friday. I don’t know how I got to my age without knowing who he was?? I only knew the name due to a guitar lesson he gave on YouTube for “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying” that I tuned into. I followed the guitar and vocals, note for note, until I sounded like him (a bit). I work in Oman and play live music here myself. Luckily, I was home in Bournemouth, recognised the name and went to the concert thinking I would show appreciation to whoever this guy was for his selfless act on ‘You Tube’. Wow, what a show! what a talent and what a wall of sound that came from brilliant musicians, showing how it should be done. He is Van Morison without the bad attitude and so much more! Absolutely brilliant show. Little did I know that I knew at least half the songs on the set as ‘classics’ from the last 4 decades: How Long, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Mike & the Mechanics etc… I never knew who was writing and singing these songs. The other half was compelling listening even first time round for me. How about a concert in Oman?

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