Here’s the flyer for Paul’s 2018 UK Tour which starts in Perth Scotland, Jan 26th.


23 thoughts on “2018 Tour Flyer

    1. paulcarrack

      Hi Garry: Sadly, there are no plans to play Stoke on Trent in 2018. The full list of Paul’s 2018 shows is shown above.

  1. Renald Theuma

    Are you planning to tour other countries in Europe other than the UK. Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Malta!!!
    Big fan

    1. paulcarrack

      Hi Renald: We played Spain back in April and have just finished in Germany, Holland, Belgium… Keep checking the website.

  2. Jackie Tansley

    Hi. Love your music, shows and the memories too.
    As others have said, no concerts in East Anglia for 2018.
    In Rome last week, thought you were performing at the Colosseum – a performer was blasting out your songs across the arena and local area, it was fantastic!!!

    1. paulcarrack

      Hi Tom and thanks. Nothing scheduled at the moment but you never know so please keep checking our news section and social media.

  3. Chris Walch

    Despite not knowing Tom above I am 100% with Tom above! PLEASE play New York soon – between me and Tom – we are good for at least 4 seats! 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Carla allen

    Paul: My husband is a HUGE fan and we are planning on going back to Belfast this year….please tell me when you will be in the North or the South and we will plan our trip accordingly.

  5. Christine Avery

    Just seen your show in Harrogate, 3rd time we’ve been to see you and can only say that you get better and better. Phenomenal performance from yourself and your band. Absolutely loved it. Many thanks xx

  6. Nancy Rackham

    Paul, please come back to the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles! My husband (from Reading, England) and I have been loving your voice since we were in college and saw your performance in Fairfield, Connecticut in the 80’s. Hope to hear good news very soon!

  7. Jean Richardson

    Paul and the band. Thanks for a great night at The Bridgewater Hall last night. You warmed us all up on a very cold and windy night. Fantastic performance.

  8. Nigel taylor

    Great show in Milton Keynes last night 11th time I’ve seen you and you just get better,not bad for a guy who was ill the week before .

  9. Mick

    Hi Saw your rescheduled Oxford concert.As brilliant as ever and have seen you many times.On a personal note much prefer the upbeat version of Every time that you walk in room to the current slower acoustic version As always had to hold back the tears during Living Years so emotional

  10. steve ash

    Paul… PLEASE come back to the States. I’m a presenter on 100.7FM Classic Rock in Baltimore where I host the morning show.

  11. Christina Brooks

    Flew all the way from Houston, Texas with my husband, son and his wife to see you at Cliffs Pavilion (Southend, England) you did not disappoint, you are better than ever. Love, love, love your voice, your music. Please plan tours for U.S., would go to see you over and over and over.

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