Here’s the flyer for Paul’s 2018 UK Tour which starts in Perth Scotland, Jan 26th.


8 thoughts on “2018 Tour Flyer

    1. paulcarrack

      Hi Garry: Sadly, there are no plans to play Stoke on Trent in 2018. The full list of Paul’s 2018 shows is shown above.

  1. Renald Theuma

    Are you planning to tour other countries in Europe other than the UK. Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Malta!!!
    Big fan

    1. paulcarrack

      Hi Renald: We played Spain back in April and have just finished in Germany, Holland, Belgium… Keep checking the website.

  2. Jackie Tansley

    Hi. Love your music, shows and the memories too.
    As others have said, no concerts in East Anglia for 2018.
    In Rome last week, thought you were performing at the Colosseum – a performer was blasting out your songs across the arena and local area, it was fantastic!!!

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